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CEATEC & Semiconductor Shows Presentation Light

(ROF factory R2X OSTAR CEATEC オスラム様プレゼン用モデル、)

¥498,000 : 税込




CEATEC JapanOSRAM ジャパン様プレゼン用モデル「R2X OSTAR」(仮称)正式図面版です

★High=350mA時の発光効率は「機器全体」で60lumen/Watt以上とCree R2ライトと比較しても約25%アップです。注:機器全体となると高率に有利な降圧コンバーター使用でも約50lumen/Wattが最高クラスになります。R2X OSTARは昇圧コンバーターにも関わらず60+lm/Wattと画期的な発光効率になります。

★High(350mA, 400+lmを17670を2個から昇圧)でのバッテリー1個あたりの「光束x x時間」(lumen x minutes)は9,000+lm*minとFenix T1 R2(5,000lm*min)の約180%の高効率になります。


・fixerさん(ROF factory):ボディーデザイン/設計、2D CAD, 3D CAD, 3Dレンダリング、 コンバーター新規設計、コンバーター制作
・Tnc (Ogaz Enterprise):13パーツの削り出し(米国大手アルミメーカー製6061-T651アルミ使用:12種類、樹脂パーツ:1種類)航空機パーツ等精密加工制作実績多数の会社です。

1:LED : OSRAM 社 正規新OSTAR LE UW E3B QY 5D以上の最新版 使用(最新版にして出荷致します。出荷まで一週間お時間をお願い致します。)

2:ボディー:米国大手アルミメーカー製:6061 T-651アルミ2重ボディー

3:コンバーター:ROF CV06+(仮称):特許出願中:30mA>150mA>350mA>800mA (Boost)>ストロボ

4:MAX 1,000+ Torch Lumen (Boost時)


6:バッテリー:CR123A x 4個

7:初期設定:(プログラムはご要望に従って可能な範囲でカスタマイズ可能です。例:High/Boost スタート、mA設定、ストロボモードの単純化、最終モード記憶、オプションでより正確な温度センサー搭載等。)

Low : 30mA
Med : 150mA
High : 350mA
Boost : 1,000mA

ブリンク (1.0Hz)>

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This is the official drawing of the model "R2X OSTAR" (tentative name) for presentation by OSRAM Japan at CEATEC Japan, made possible by the great efforts of ROF factory (especially fixer) and precision machining by TNC.

The luminous efficiency at High=350mA is more than 60 lumen/Watt for the "whole device", which is about 25% higher than Cree R2 light. Note: The luminous efficacy of R2X OSTAR is 60+ lumen/Watt, which is an epoch-making luminous efficacy even with the use of a buck converter, which is advantageous for high efficiency.

The "lumen x hours" (lumen x minutes) per battery at High (350mA, 400+lm boosted from two 17670) is 9,000+lm*min, about 180% more efficient than the Fenix T1 R2 (5,000lm*min).

Note: This is a show model and is not suitable for daily use.

Fixer (ROF factory): Body design/design, 2D CAD, 3D CAD, 3D rendering, converter new design, converter production
Tnc (Ogaz Enterprise): 13 parts machining (12 parts made of 6061-T651 aluminum from a major U.S. aluminum manufacturer, 1 plastic part).

1:LED : OSRAM's new OSTAR LE UW E3B QY 5D or higher (We will ship with the latest version. Please allow one week for shipping.)

2 : Body : Double 6061 T-651 aluminum body made by a major U.S. aluminum manufacturer.

3:Converter: ROF CV06+
Low : 30mA
Med : 150mA
High : 350mA
Boost : 1,000mA
Blinks (1.0Hz) : Click the switch fo some variations of strobe modes
・Converter is temperature monitored.

4:MAX 1,000+ Torch Lumen (at Boost)

5:Recommended maximum output for continuous lighting: 350mA, approx. 2Watt per CR1231 with approx. 8watt power consumption for the best balance of runtime, efficiency, and brightness.

6:Battery: CR123A x 4 pcs.

7: Default settings: (Program can be customized to the extent possible according to your requirements. (e.g. High/Boost start, mA setting, simplified strobe mode, last mode memory, optionally with more accurate temperature sensor, etc.)

When starting from Off
30mA >
150mA >
350mA >
Blink (1.0Hz)>
--In blink mode, each strobe mode is entered by performing OFF/ON operation according to the number of blinks.
Example: >Blink (2 blinks)
>Blink (2 blinks) >First blink
(Wave (3 times blink)
(blink 4 times) >High/Low
(10 blinks) >SOS
Returns to >>Low except above. (Program can be changed)

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