OSRAM HQ Presentation in 2007 fror the OSTAR 6 cores LED.
(Show Model for CEATEC Japan and other places.)

Great thanks for Chris Qrgaz of TnC and ROF Factory.


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The light "R2X OSTAR" (Temporary name) was designed for OSRAM Japan's presentation on CEATEC Japan abs other places in Europe. (Semiconductor trade show held in near Tokyo Oct 2nd to 6th 2007 as far as I know.)

ROF factory had done ALL design works of the light. Engineering drawing, 3D CAD, 3D Rendering, converter design, conveter from the board and programing. First proto was machined by Beta Titanium. Then, Mr. Chris Orgaz of TNC machined all the parts of the light from Alcoa's Aerospace grade 6061 T-651 Al for the show in much better quality. (12 Alminum parts and 1 plastic part on one light!)

This TNC (Ogaz Enterprises) version is perfect finsih as designer's drwaing, with 6061 T651 Aluminum.
Machining fee for the entire one flashlight was aprox $3.000 or even more.

The machining cost above does not include OSTAR, all hand made electronics, all engineering fees include CAD design fee, programing fee and assembling fee.

LED : OSRAM's OSTAR LE UW E3B, bin : QY 5D (Measured approx 950lm@700mA, approx 1,200lm at 1.0A)
The brightest quality LED in the world.

Then, only three QZ rank came from the safe of OSRAM HQ's labo.

Only Two were made with these QZ rank.

This light was made as 1,200lm LE UW E3B QZ rank light at boot mode. (Requires programing option. for the safety on presentations in the wold, it is limited to approximately 800mA. NOT 1.0-1.2A.
Output : 4 modes plus strobes : (The program can be modified based on requeste. Exp. memory fubction, accurate temperature monitor, or "High" start as possible.)
Default setting from Off is :
30mA >
150mA >
350mA >
Blinks (1.0Hz)>
--Click at first Blink, second, third, 4th, or 5th blinks calls diffrent strobes in the chip.
Exp : Click at first blink calls 10Hz strobe The converter has heat sensor that prevent damage or thermal shut down. Boost mode will reduce current to half, then one quarter when converter's temperature exceed approx 80 celsius. Current will back to boost when converter's temperature drops.

Notes :
- The control chip is prtected and the program will be destroyed in case the electrobnics disassembled.
- The warranty shal be teminated if the light was disassembled.
- Please contact imediately in case the light does not work properly.

Recommended highest output is 350mA mode is approx 400-420 Torch lumen and consume less than 8 watt at entire light from four batteries. CR123 has long runtime at less than 2.1watt consumption on each battery and will drop drasticaly more than 2.2-2.3 watt.Highest output is 800+ Torch lumen. ( IF my light box is accurate, and....)
It should be 840 torch lumen if Nova Tac's dealer sample that calibrated at 120 torch lumen was accurate.
It should be 863 Torch Lumen if early under driven LEW E3B light measured by Ocean Optics was 249.3 torch lumem.

Great thanks to "fixer" of ROF factory and Chris of TNC.
Chris machined 13 types *10 sets bosy and choose 6 sets only. He finished this hard work in 3 and half weeks!

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